What Does Your Dating History Say About You?

People have a tendency to generalise. They take a small bit of evidence and use this to determine which box others should fit into. It may not be the most sophisticated method of figuring people out, but it does have the advantage of being easy.

Now, one of the ways people classify each other is based on their dating patterns. By considering someone’s dating history, you can get a good idea of what their future love life is going to be like. More importantly, however, it can give you insight into what that person is actually like.

So, do you know what your dating history says about you? In case you want a clue to what other people may be thinking, check out these categories.

The Player

The Player is perhaps one of the most recognizable types of daters – by women and men alike. This is someone who rarely spends a night alone. They always have some kind of hookup or fling planned. However, these are usually short-lived. In many cases, players prefer one night stands or similar trysts that end quickly.

As mentioned, a player is pretty easy to spot. This person doesn’t really have much of a relationship past and isn’t trying to get started on building one either. At the same time, they will often have loads of potential partners or hookups on their phones.

So, are players all bad? Well, there is no denying that being with a player – or even just knowing one – can be pretty exciting. Initially, they can be charming and are always up for a good time. In the long run, however, they can get rather frustrating, especially as they will continue to distance themselves from their dates and refuse to answer their calls.

The Serial Monogamist

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the serial monogamist. As the name suggests, this is someone who is only interested in long-term relationships. They jump into one committed partnership after another, ensuring that they are always coupled up.

On the surface, this can seem like a positive type of dater. After all, the main goal for many people is to settle down with one person. Nonetheless, the serial monogamist doesn’t actually fit that particular profile.

Rather, a serial monogamist is afraid to be alone. So, to fill this empty void, he or she is constantly finding other people to latch onto. Thus, in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t too healthy.

The Settle-Downer

Then, there is the settle-downer. A settle-downer may often find their “forever” partner while still in high school or end up with their childhood sweetheart. There is a good chance that they have never actually dated or even slept with anyone else.

This type of person is a little unusual in the current dating culture. While most people are about exploration and experimentation, the settle-downer is more than happy with their current life. As such, even if they aren’t married, they aren’t looking to switch things up.

The Incel

This is a fairly new term. It refers to someone who is “involuntary celibate” – they would like to date, but they are having a tough time maintaining any kind of relationship. This isn’t the only factor that makes an incel stand out from the rest, though.

These individuals appear to have a love/hate relationship with the opposite sex. On the one hand, they desperately want to meet someone. At the same time, they appear to be demeaning to women in general. Naturally, this gets in the way of them actually making any progress.

The only advantage of meeting this type of non-dater is that they tend to stand their ground. Rather than pretending to be something they are not, they stay true to themselves.

The Late Bloomer

It can seem like a late bloomer has a lot in common with an incel. However, this is simply a person who took some time to come into their own. After a while, though, they undergo some type of change and suddenly, they are out on the dating scene.

Now, this type of dater doesn’t have a great deal of experience. Due to this, they make quite a few amateur dating mistakes as an adult. Eventually, however, they will catch up with everyone else. Since a late bloomer is fairly new to dating, there is always a chance that they will turn into one of the categories that were described above.

You should keep in mind that few people fit into these categories perfectly. Rather, most people will have many different traits. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see what your dating history can say about you. You can now use this information to change your dating patterns and put your best foot forward with future potential partners.

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